Marlin Biweekly 2 Dev & Community Updates – October 2021

Marlin Biweekly 2 Dev & Community Updates – October 2021

Here are the latest developments for the second half of October! 

As always, our discord server is the place to bug us in case you have any queries or want to discuss all things Marlin and Layer 0. For community-related discussions, our Telegram channel is the place to be!

Engineering Updates

- Bundle RPC APIs have been moved to the mev namespace to prevent accidentally exposing the eth namespace.

Bundle RPC APIs

- mev-proxy has correspondingly been updated to use the mev namespace transparently without affecting the mev-relay or the flashbots SDKs/providers.


- Support for geth traces has been added to the mev-inpect-py tool enabling us to start working on the mev-explore dashboard for Polygon.

geth traces

- The ClusterRegistry, ClusterRewards, RewardDelegators and StakeManager contracts have been updated to new solidity versions in preparation for deployment on Arbitrum. We are currently testing the bridge and migration mechanisms and are expecting to go live around the end of the month.

Arbitrum migration tests

- Fixed an issue where multiple withdrawals in the same transaction were overriding each other in staking-subgraph.

staking-subgraph multiple withdrawals

- Optimized gas usage when merging stashes.

optimized gas usage

- Updated dependencies of OpenWeaver and pulled in the critical patch we contributed to libuv that eliminates packet drops within libuv in some scenarios. It will filter down to our binaries with time in new releases.

updated dependencies of OpenWeaver

Community Updates

- Announced revamped staking UI/UX with new feature additions.

The updated staking guide is available here

Staking Portal:

Some stats: 

🥩 Staking has been live for +7 months.

💯 +110 validators joined the Marlin network & run gateways for ETH.

🔥 +80M POND & +773 MPond staked currently.

The improved UI/UX is a result of the feedback received from the community:

✅ The operator page displays all info without users having to switch through tabs to see perf metrics.

🎯 Users can filter their delegated clusters on the operator page to view perf at a glance.

👀 Split & Merge stash integrated.

👍 Cancel redelegations and undelegations integrated.

🔍 Improved how the stashes and notifications appear on the delegate page. 

📜 Claim history page to show users when rewards were withdrawn.

👋 If you've found something that needs fixing, want to suggest new features or need assistance, join our Discord server.

🧙 If you're a validator looking to get started, check out our docs.  

Spread the word: 

 - Staking Stats

Over 843 million POND has been staked in the form of MPond (750 MPond equivalent to 750 million POND) and POND (93 million POND) tokens. Stats can be found here.

Looking to stake? There are more than 70 cluster operators to choose from.

Operator List Oct BiWe 2

Our dummies guide should get you through the staking process. Reach out to us on Discord if you’re facing any issues, need to clarify doubts, or need assistance. 

Missed our earlier update? Check out the first biweekly update for October here.  

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