Marlin Biweekly 2 Dev & Community Updates – February 2022

Marlin Biweekly 2 Dev & Community Updates – February 2022

Here are the latest developments for the second half of February! 

As always, our discord server is the place to bug us in case you have any queries or want to discuss all things Marlin and Layer 0. For community-related discussions, our Telegram channel is the place to be!

Engineering Updates

- Deployed and launched the Flashbots relay for Polygon to enable searchers to send bundles to validators.

- Developed monitoring and logging pipelines to monitor the relay infrastructure and extract potential insights into the operation for capacity planning.

Relay infra monitoring

- Extensively tested the relay infrastructure for DoS vectors and ways to plug them through a mixture of rate limiting and resource usage caps among other things.

- Added CORS support to mev-relay so bundles can be sent to it from the browser.

CORS support

- Added a prometheus endpoint to mev-relay to track key metrics.

- Added a token bucket rate limiter to mev-proxy as a fallback to protect the validator from being affected in case the relay fails to prevent DoS for any reason.

- Developed and tested a UI to bridge tokens on-chain from Ethereum back to Arbitrum without having to use external bridges like Multichain.

Arb to ETH bridge

- Tests for governance contracts have been made a lot more extensive in preparation for Arbitrum deployment.

- The eth_callBundle RPC call has been added to the eth namespace as well so searchers can simulate their bundles using the flashbots ethers provider if needed.

Community Updates

- The Flashbots relay on Polygon went live!

Bundles can be sent to

Blocks produced by validator 106 will be following the Flashbots spec. 

The relay currently only accepts bundles with up to 5 transactions with a cumulative gas limit of 1M gas. These limits are expected to go up in the future as we collect more metrics regarding usage & capacity requirements.


Reach out to us on Discord for queries. 

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- Staking Stats

Those looking to stake or run clusters will need to do so on the Arbitrum staking portal in order to earn rewards. Existing users and cluster operators still on the Ethereum network are required to migrate to Arbitrum to continue earning staking rewards. 

Over 739 million POND has been staked in the form of MPond (600 MPond equivalent to 600 million POND) and POND (139 million POND) tokens. The Ethereum staking contract can be found here and the Arbitrum staking contract can be found here

Looking to stake? There are currently over 40 cluster operators to choose from.

Cluster Dashboard BiWe 2 Feb 2022

Our dummies guide should get you through the staking process. Reach out to us on Discord if you’re facing any issues, need to clarify doubts, or require assistance. 

Check out the first biweekly update for February 2022 here.  

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