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Marlin Protocol’s Hack Rewards for the Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru

Hey everyone!

The Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru that we’re co-hosting with Binance Labs and a few other projects is just around the corner. Kicking off on 5th October at CoWrks, the 30 hour hackathon has already received +300 applications which is insane!

We’re really looking forward to witnessing the creative talent India has to offer. That being said, this isn’t just fun and games but an actual opportunity for you to connect with industry experts, land your dream job, win generous bounties, bragging rights and maybe even launch the next viral game on the blockchain. Sky’s the limit!

There’s still time — registrations close on 2nd October. If you’re a game developer still pondering on whether you need apply, what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT!

Marlin Protocol Hack Rewards

$2000 up for grabs with two tracks that you can pursue for this hackathon:

Track 1: Responsive multiplayer gaming

The Marlin SDK provides low-latency multicast communication between participants which enables a new class of responsive games on the blockchain which are not constrained by having to wait for a block to advance the game loop.

We invite participants to build games like Tetris99Pong and Light Cycles.

There is a reward of $500 for the winning submission in this track.

Furthermore, we are also offering bounties in this track for hackers integrating the following subsystems in their responsive multiplayer game:

  • Spectator mode

Video streaming gameplay is wasteful when people already have a game and its assets. Simply sending game updates and running a local simulation is much more efficient. In addition, this allows the spectating experience to be much more interactive — viewport changes, can click on entities to get info, minigames among spectators, prediction games, etc.

  • Predictive game loops

Gaming can be made more responsive by predicting future states based on peer-to-peer game updates and resolving any conflicts as and when they occur.

Two hacks making the best use of these subsystems can win a reward of $250 each.

Track 2: Open Track

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

We love developers and designers who like to push boundaries. We, thus, have a prize pool of $1000 for hackers who display their ingenuity by using the Marlin SDK in novel ways. With no restrictions at all, the best two hacks shall win $500 each from Marlin’s Open Track bounty.

Apart from the plethora of possible Marlin-enabled games, this track can also include hacks to augment Marlin for gaming use cases or integration with game engines like Cocos-BCX, Unity, etc.

To ensure the quality of submissions, kindly check with Marlin team members present on-site if your entry is eligible for this track.

Have questions regarding the hackathon? Check out the FAQ section. For more specific queries, join the Telegram discussion group!

About Marlin

Marlin is on a mission to make web 3 experiences fast, trustless and secure. Committed to open standards, Marlin redefines scalability, resiliency, and decentralization at layer 0 by reimagining the networking architecture underneath blockchains.

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