Marlin Protocol Game Oasis Hackathon

Marlin Protocol — Results from the Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru

The 30-hour hackathon came to a close on 6th October and what an event it was! We received 500+ applications pan India out of which about 100+ hackers were shortlisted and attended the Game Oasis Hackathon in Bengaluru.

Marlin Protocol Game Oasis Hackathon
A full house!

The place was packed to say the least.

The hackathon kicked off on 5th October morning where Binance Labs and Marlin Protocol, along with Matic Network, Celer Networks, Cocos-BCX, Ankr Network and Contentos presented each of their projects. Marlin’s Head of Engineering, Roshan Raghupathy, spoke about our technology and Layer 0, how we are helping blockchain projects solve their current issues, the path to adoption and how gaming would play a significant role in this.

Marlin Protocol Roshan Game Oasis Hackathon
Roshan talking about Layer 0

With all the information at their disposal, the developers kicked off their hacking. Before we even knew it — it was time for review. Four teams had won $2000 in hack rewards based on the two track options we had provided earlier.

What was really impressive is the amount of work that all teams were able to put in such a short amount of time and build games utilizing the potential of Marlin’s SDK. It shows that decentralized, lag-free, multiplayer games with streaming capabilities can be built using blockchain technology.

Marlin Protocol Game Oasis Hackathon
Winning teams who built on Marlin

Here’s what the winning teams built:

Track 1 Winner: Tron Light Cycles by DropTheBeat

A multiplayer game where every player has a bike that creates a wall. They have to destroy other players by cutting into their paths. This game was made using Marlin protocol for powerful and flexible multicast communication so that every key press by each player reaches all the other players within a few milliseconds. For synchronization, NTP was used so that the game would start at the same time for each player.

Track 1 Runner Up: BubEat by Blume

The game allows multiple users to control their bubble which is used to eat food, making them move faster. We also built a live streaming service for the game which was powered by the Marlin Protocol thanks to which we could stream the multiplayer game without any lag. We used websockets specifically in Node.js to send UDP data to the bifrost image which was then broadcasted to all other devices in the network. The broadcast or relay happened really quickly which enabled us to live stream and also allow multiplayer gaming.

Track 2 Winners

Stick Run by Leet1337

Stick Run is a 2D endless side-scroller game built with Marlin protocol. The player has to dodge and jump to avoid obstacles of two types (high and low ones) while collecting coins, so they have to either slide or jump. Gameplay in Stick Run is the simplest you can find in the genre: you can control your character using keyboard events. Players can spend their coins (or tokens) they win inside the marketplace to buy in-game items. The game uses a Facebook API to uniquely identify players. Marlin Protocol makes it possible for players in market-place to communicate efficiently with other players and trade items.

Team by Team 6

Team is a multiplayer co-operational game which uses Marlin protocol to connect 2 random players and also lets other players running the same game spectate an ongoing one. The characters in the game cannot touch each other and the objective is to make sure they gather all collectibles before the timer runs out. The Marlin network offers very low latency for the games ensuring zero synchronization lag which would have been impossible if implemented on the traditional blockchain network.

Marlin Protocol Game Oasis Hackathon
And that’s a wrap. Until next time!

Massive thanks to Devfolio and their team who ensured that the hackathon went on without any hiccups! The event was a huge success: we managed to build cool tech, meet many skillful developers, spread the word about Marlin’s Layer 0 stack, chat to other successful projects, and more. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you at our next event somewhere around the world very soon!

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