Marlin Dev & Community Updates March 2020

Marlin Dev & Community Updates – March 2020

Hey Everyone!

We hope you’re staying safe. We’re working from home given the current situation and making progress as usual. Jump onto discourse if you have any technical queries.


# Contracts
- Capacity allocation
- Double-dip slashing
- Replay prevention

# Web3
- Stake database
- Relay contract calls from core codebase

# Core
- Application-Blockchain interface for interacting with contracts
- Replica of stake database
- Attestation generation
- Attestation verification
- Capacity limiting
- Stake cache per epoch
- Double-dip reporting
- Libuv wrappers to decouple it from most of the codebase

# Simulator
- Network modelling
- Injectable transport with simulated networking
- Groundwork for repurposing as a testing framework

Things you might have missed recently

- Ethereum Foundation Researcher Prateek joins Marlin 

- Security and Scaling challenges at the Network Layer (AKA Layer 0)

- A simple tutorial for Go developers who wish to wrap C libraries using CGo

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