Marlin Dev & Community Updates - June 2020

Marlin Dev & Community Updates – June 2020

Hey Everyone! 

We’re switching to Discourse as the primary place to share updates from next month. A number of interesting features were developed in the past couple of weeks.

close handshake has been added to StreamTransport to enable proper state transitions on both sides of the connection. It can carry a close reason that the peer can use as needed (e.g. temporarily stop trying to connect if a peer doesn’t have extra capacity).

bloom filter based witnessing mechanism has been added to detect and prevent forwarding loops efficiently. Cut-through routing has been updated to use the new witness mechanism and is enabled by default for larger messages now.

The rlpx transport and ethereum gateway have been merged with the main repo and updated to match the rest of the codebase. It now has the capability to query and assemble a full block from just the hash which enables it to propagate blocks received through NewBlockHashes messages in addition to NewBlock.

The core and stream modules are better documented now.

OpenWeaver was benchmarked with various message sizes and message rates. In addition, mempool synchronization was tested on the Ethereum mainnet and Rinkeby. Results to be shared in a presentable form soon.

Feel free to bug us here, on github or our discord channel to learn more.

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