Marlin Dev & Community Updates - July 2020

Marlin Dev & Community Updates – July 2020

Here’s the latest Dev updates for July 2020!

  1. A blockchain-agnostic compression framework was added to minimize bandwidth and improve performance for large blocks.
  2. Buffer and WeakBuffer have been rewritten using the CRTP pattern. This enables chaining the write methods with much better ergonomics around serialization.
  3. Dependencies in vendor are now fully submoduled, makes it easier to keep them updated.
  4. OpenWeaver can now be built with g++ (supports v7.5 and higher). Open an issue on our Github if it isn’t building properly in your setup.
  5. code coverage tool has been integrated to help us measure coverage and testing progress.
  6. Minor housekeeping in net classes with respect to const correctness and removing superfluous/misleading consts.

Things you might have missed recently

Introducing OpenWeaver, a scalable framework to deploy relay networks on-demand

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