Marlin Dev & Community Updates - February 2020

Marlin Dev & Community Updates – February 2020

Hey Everyone!

We're getting closer and closer to our unveiling! We’ve published our preliminary specs as well and are on discourse to answer any technical queries you might have :) 


# Contracts
- Token contracts
- Marketplace
- Staking
- Payments

# Web3
- JS libraries to interact with the contracts
- C++-NodeJS interface to interact with core codebase

# Simulator
- Add more models
- Novel way of accurately simulating blockchains including difficulty adjustments

# Core
- Attestation generation and verification
- TCP bridge that can tunnel messages to Marlin

# Specs
- Bootstrap reward strategies
- Rework spam prevention mechanisms
- Stake based rate-limiting

Things you might have missed recently

- Getting everyone up to speed on - Marlin for the uninitiated
- Our first post on a series of technical articles - Byzantine Resistant Networking Protocols feat. ODSBR
- Translated version of Marlin for the uninitiated for our Chinese community

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