Marlin Dev & Community Updates – August 2020

Marlin Dev & Community Updates – August 2020

Here are the latest Dev updates for August 2020!

  1. New helper library with test fixtures which reduces a lot of boilerplate and makes writing tests much more simpler

  2. Transports are classified into internal and external so we can handle them differently (e.g. cut-through, spam checks, etc)

  3. Beacons only accept registrations from internal transports and are protected from external poisoning through an access control check

  4. New pipe transport which maintains a persistent IPC connection with proper delegate notifications about connection status

  5. Rlpx cryptography migrated from cryptopp to secp256k1, much more cleaner and less buggy

  6. Added RPC methods to BSC to support spam checks and other analysis

  7. Improved ABCI design to support the RPC methods, doesn’t need a standalone RPC bridge any more

Things you might have missed recently

Marlin teams up with Binance to launch the Build for India hackathon cum accelerator program

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