Marlin Biweekly 2 Dev & Community Updates – July 2021

Marlin Biweekly 2 Dev & Community Updates – July 2021

Here are the latest updates for the second half of July! 

As always. our discord server is the place to bug us in case you have any queries or want to discuss all things Marlin and Layer 0. For community-related discussions, our Telegram channel is the place to be!

Engineering Updates

- A basic gateway for propagating Polygon blocks has been added.

- The Ethereum relay no longer depends on geth anymore, marlinctl has been updated for the same.

- The abci-geth repo has been rebased on a new geth version which supports the London hard fork.

- New attestation and witness types have been added to prepare the Ethereum relay for the London hard fork upgrade.

- The probes, gateways and relays have been updated to use the new attesters and witnessers.

- The Ethereum gateway has been rewritten using structopt to bring it in line with other chains.

- New building block fibers added to support TCP + framing and buffering based on sentinels as well as counts.

- A longstanding bug with file descriptors getting leaked and causing crashes has been fixed by replacing libwebsockets with a much simpler homebrew HTTP client.

homebrew HTTP client

- Revamped staking portal is undergoing testing. The updated UI will include new features such as canceling undelegations/redelegations and splitting/merging stashes. 

New Staking UI

Community Update

- Staking Stats

Over 557 million POND has been staked in the form of MPond (497 MPond equivalent to 497 million POND) and POND (60 million POND) tokens. Stats can be found here (built by one of our community members).

Staking Stats July BiWe 2

Looking to stake? There are more than 60 cluster operators to choose from. Our dummies guide should get you through the staking process. Reach out to us on Discord if you’re facing any issues, need to clarify doubts, or need assistance. 

Our dev updates for the first half of May can be found here.

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