Marlin Biweekly 1 Dev & Community Updates – June 2021

Marlin Biweekly 1 Dev & Community Updates – July 2021

Our updates for the first half of July are here!

As always. our discord server is the place to bug us in case you have any queries or want to discuss all things Marlin and Layer 0. For community-related discussions, our Telegram channel is the place to be!

Engineering Updates

- New POND subgraph available covering token balances.

POND Subgraph

- The bridge contract was updated to take MPond locked in the staking contract into account.

MPond Bridge Staking

- Added tests for the fabric infrastructure.

- The Polkadot gateway now supports vote messages.

Polkadot Gateway

Community Updates

- Onboarded Cloque Finance, a physically-settled futures protocol for blockspace/hashpower.

Cloque provides fee/revenue stability for miners and an alternate, if not better, way to capture MEV.

v1 of the Cloque Design can be found here (WIP). 

Why is this a big deal? Our tweet thread explains:  

- Acquired the domain

Expect any new email communications to originate from the new domain. Nevertheless, beware of spoofing and contact [email protected] in case of suspicious messages.

- POND trading competition on Binance

POND Binance Trading Competition

A trading competition was held on Binance where users who traded POND between 2021-07-08 0:00 AM to 2021-07-14 11:59 PM (UTC) were eligible to win a share of $50,000. 


- Staking Stats

Over 557 million POND has been staked in the form of MPond (497 MPond equivalent to 497 million POND) and POND (60 million POND) tokens. Stats can be found here (built by one of our community members).

Staking Stats July BiWe 1

Looking to stake? There are more than 60 cluster operators to choose from. Our dummies guide should get you through the staking process. Reach out to us on Discord if you’re facing any issues, need to clarify doubts, or need assistance. 

Missed our updates for June? Here’s our first and second biweekly update.  

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