Marlin Biweekly Dev & Community Updates – February 2021

Marlin Biweekly Dev & Community Updates – February 2021

We’re moving to biweekly updates going forward to keep our community updated on all things technical and community related.

Our discord server is the place to bug us in case you have any queries or want to discuss all things Marlin and Layer 0. For community related discussions, our Telegram channel is the place to be!

Engineering Updates

- Latency variance has been incorporated in the Monte-Carlo simulation used to calculate APYs on the staking website. Values shown should be much more accurate now.

- Our probes have started giving out tickets to clusters in preparation for the staking rewards launch.

- Polkadot, Near, IrisNET and Cosmos gateways have been updated to sign their messages with a configurable client identity for attribution.

- The gateways also have quadratic stake-weighted cluster selection implemented with configurable contract sets. Would enable our ecosystem to initially bootstrap a given chain on an ethereum testnet and migrate to mainnet once it's stable and ready.

- All gateways and bridges have been incorporated into the existing release pipelines. Enables us to release new updates painlessly.

- Gateways have been integrated with marlinctl for easy deployment by end users.

- Staking contracts have been optimized to save 30-50% gas for common operations like staking and delegations.

Community updates and posts you might have missed

- Partnered with Injective Protocol in order to further our foray into DeFi with a leading derivatives DEX.

Features of the partnership:

    1. Marlin's integration with the Injective Chain will help increase the latter's trading speeds to unprecedented levels among DEXs.
    2. This collaboration will help Marlin take one step closer to its dream of making DeFi scalable and ready for mass adoption.
    3. Marlin will provide traders with a low-latency channel to communicate with exchange nodes providing HFT trading like experience in DeFi allowing users to place or revise orders in milliseconds. This will eliminate the difference between interacting with a DeFi v/s CeFi.
    4. Through this partnership, Marlin's native token POND will also be listed on the Injective chain. This will spur wider adoption, broaden exposure to newer markets, and increase the utility of the token.

Detailed article is available on our blog.

- Partnered with Ankr Network to make low-latency DeFi trading more accessible and provide Marlin users with 1-click node deployment options.

Features of the partnership:

    1. 1-click deployment options for nodes and gateways in the network.
    2. This will make Marlin's node development process cheaper and affordable.
    3. It will also allow for easy node deployment across geographies.
    4. As more Marlin gateways are deployed, there will be an influx of new nodes that interact with the Marlin network, increasing network effects.
    5. Full nodes operating on Ankr infrastructure will gain access to a low-latency transaction relay benefiting DeFi traders and arb bots alike.
    6. The Ankr integration helps us move one step closer to our vision of a decentralized web where applications secured via blockchain are indistinguishable in terms of performance to Web 2.0.

Detailed article is available on our blog.

- POND will be listed on a leading Korean exchange, Probit on 19th February 2021. Running up to the listing, users on Probit can stake PROB and get POND at a 50% discount which begins on 16th February 2021. More details are available here.

- A keynote session by Roshan at the Binance Blockchain Week on 3rd February 2021 on ‘The POND below the Bluesky’. The keynote starts at 56:45 and can be seen here.

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