Marlin announces partner sale with Cere Network!

Marlin announces partner sale with Cere Network!

Hey everyone,

We've got some great news! Cere Network is giving the Marlin community 30 whitelist spots for their upcoming main sale on Republic.

What is Cere Network?

Cere Network is part of a consortium of projects such as Polkadot and Cosmos, united by the vision of cross-chain interoperability between blockchain networks, to achieve an inclusive, trustless, and infinitely scalable global decentralized ecosystem for enterprises.

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud is a blockchain-based data warehouse solution that is optimized for capturing user/app interactions that are individually signed and encrypted, along with potential value transfers, to be stored in a tamper-proof and time-capsule data scheme. This allows for the direct and secure decryption, validation, extraction, transformation, and (AI/ML) utilization of such data by trusted or trustless parties, automated processes, and decentralized data marketplaces.

Cere is backed by Republic Labs, Binance Labs, NGC Ventures, Arrington XRP, Fenbushi, Republic, and many more top-tier investors.

To learn more about Cere Network, check out their website, vision paper, Telegram, Twitter, and FAQ!

How do I join the sale?

Joining the sale is very easy! In order to participate in the sale, you have to communicate with the Cere bot. You can find it here: @Cere_Network_Bot

  1. To start the bot, type /register
  2. The bot will give an introductory text and ask for your email.
  3. Next up, the bot will ask for your country of origin.
  4. After that, the bot will ask you to select your community (do not choose the regular whitelist option). Select Marlin.
  5. The bot will ask to share your wallet address (ERC-20 address) of the selected community. Do not use an exchange address.
  6. The last step is registering for an account and complete the KYC process at Republic.

When will the winners be announced? 

The deadline for the submission will be on the 26th of March, 16:00 CET. The Cere team will announce the winners on the 27th of March.

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