ICPC world finalist joins Marlin!

ICPC world finalist joins Marlin!

Considered the ‘Olympics of Programming Competitions’, the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) is an algorithmic programming contest for university students globally and is the oldest, largest and most prestigious programming contest in the world.

Over 50,000 participants from 3000+ universities and 100+ countries work to solve real world problems, fostering collaboration, creativity, innovation and perform under intense pressure. If these are prerequisites for being in the fast paced blockchain ecosystem, having got a taste of this at ACM-ICPC 2019 at the world finals where the best of the best congregate, Utsav Rohilla seems to want more.

Utsav joins Marlin and will be working on building a high-performance userspace networking stack, systems-level development, solving unique P2P networking problems and anything else he can get his hands on. 

“Going to the ICPC world finals was an incredible experience where I met many others who shared similar interests in algorithms and problem solving. Marlin seems like the place to be as we’re working on solving unique and difficult problems in a pretty interesting domain. I’m really looking forward to this new phase!” - Utsav Rohilla, Software Engineer, Marlin.

With a keen interest and fascination in algorithms, Utsav completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at IIIT-Delhi (a top tier university for CSE). Utsav interned at Directi where he used PHASER.js to make HTML5 games whose web view was taken to play games on mobile. He ended up joining them full-time as a software engineer post which we scooped him up. 

Marlin is thrilled to have Utsav on board with us! Join us in welcoming him to the team! 

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