Discover Marlin Oyster through Encode Club’s bootcamps

Discover Marlin Oyster through Encode Club’s bootcamps

Marlin is excited to be sponsoring the educational bootcamps by Encode Club and the timing can’t be more perfect. In case it hasn’t been super obvious on Twitter, we’re pretty darn excited about Oyster and its applications in ZK computing and can’t wait to showcase what we’ve built to everyone!

Long story short, Oyster enables dApps/DAOs/devs and anyone in Web 3 for that matter to deploy their server operations to a host of decentralized operators in the Marlin network enabled through secure enclaves. This includes being able to deploy bots, outsourcing ZK proofs and more - covered in this informative thread. All this entirely through smart contract calls paid in crypto!

One of the main commandments of Web 3 is decentralization as it helps eliminate single points of failure. However, a major component that is still centralized is the maintenance of servers. This might be a thing of the past as Oyster serves as a much-needed alternative in the current landscape.

That being said, apart from reaching out to dApps, DAOs and devs and familiarizing them with Oyster, hackathons and bootcamps are a great way to connect with budding ninjas, elite shinobis and senseis.

The Encode Bootcamps

This brings us to Marlin’s association with Encode Club and their upcoming bootcamps for Q2 2023 starting on 24th April (applications are still open so hurry and apply, it's FREE!). Each bootcamp is based on your interest and skill level but irrespective of what you choose, you’ll hear about Oyster during the course and get a 30-minute workshop by one of the devs from Marlin. Given the diverse crowd, the cohorts offer a unique avenue to gather feedback which we’re looking forward to. Things don’t end there and you can jump onto Discord to continue the conversation or learn more from our devs and community.

The bootcamps where you’ll get to learn about Marlin and Oyster are:

  1. ZK Bootcamp (starts 24th April)
  2. Expert Solidity Bootcamp (starts 24th April)
  3. 2 x Solidity Bootcamp (starts 24th April)

Detailed information about the curriculum and structure can be found here

At the workshop during the ZK Bootcamp, we’ll take you through how the generation of ZK proofs can be outsourced to Oyster, whose confidential computing capabilities support secret inputs. This alleviates UX bottlenecks for mobile users of often slow and heavy ZK-based apps having public or private inputs draining device batteries.

During the Solidity bootcamps, developers can learn more about how they can outsource complex computations to off-chain nodes entirely via smart contract calls, restricted no longer by gas fees and limits of their favorite blockchain.

So what’re you waiting for? Sign up for the bootcamps today and get ready to start learning! 

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