Bridge POND & MPond from Arbitrum to Ethereum

Bridge POND & MPond from Arbitrum to Ethereum

Update: The official Arbitrum bridge now supports transfers of POND/MPond from Arbitrum to Ethereum and vice versa. Henceforth, kindly use:

Earlier this year, Marlin’s ecosystem tokens POND and MPond successfully migrated from Ethereum to Arbitrum allowing the community to take advantage of Arbitrum’s significantly reduced gas fees and participate in the Marlin network.

To ensure a smooth transition, the token bridges were initially one-way (from Ethereum to Arbitrum). Starting today, token holders can seamlessly bridge their POND and/or MPond tokens between Arbitrum and Ethereum.

This guide will cover:

  1. How to migrate/bridge POND/MPond tokens from Arbitrum to Ethereum. 
  2. For steps to migrate from Ethereum to Arbitrum, kindly refer to this guide.

Before we get started, here are a few important points to keep in mind. 

  1. Bridging POND/MPond tokens from Arbitrum to Ethereum has a waiting period of 7 days. This process cannot be cancelled after it has begun.
  2. After the 7 days are over, users will need to ‘Claim’ their tokens on the Ethereum network. The tokens will not appear in their Ethereum wallet address until they claim the tokens. 
  3. Users are requested to enter a wallet address that they own/control.

With that being said, let’s get started! 

For the purpose of this guide, we will be using MetaMask and assume that users are familiar with the process.

Arbitrum to Ethereum Bridge: 

Step 1: Connecting to the bridge via MetaMask on the Arbitrum network

Go to and click on the ‘Connect your Wallet’ button located at the top right. Select MetaMask and switch to the Arbitrum network (refer to this guide for steps on how to add Arbitrum to MetaMask - search for ‘Adding the Arbitrum network to your MetaMask wallet’

After connecting to the bridge, users will be prompted with the below screen.

ARB to ETH Bridge

Step 2: Approving and bridging POND and/or MPond on the Arbitrum network

- Users will need to select which token (POND or MPond) they want to bridge to the Ethereum network.

Selecting token

Note: If users want to bridge POND and MPond then it is recommended to complete bridging one token completely before moving on to the next (complete bridging POND and then bridge MPond). 

- Enter the address which you want to bridge the tokens to along with the token amount in the appropriate column. 

Note: Do not enter an exchange address. Tokens sent to an exchange address cannot be recovered. Also, ensure that the address you entered belongs to you (and you have access to it).

Claiming Tokens on ETH

- After entering the ‘To’ address and the ‘Token Amount’, users will need to click on the ‘Approve’ button. Doing so will prompt a pop-up from MetaMask which users will need to confirm.

Approve and Bridge

- Upon confirmation on MetaMask, the ‘Bridge’ button will become clickable. Users will then need to click the ‘Bridge’ button and confirm the transaction from the MetaMask pop-up. 

Important: Users will need to take note of the confirmed txn hash generated from approving the ‘Bridge’ to Arbitrum.

Note: Bridging the tokens back to the Ethereum network is not instant. Users will need to wait for 7 days to claim the bridged tokens on the Ethereum network. 

Step 3: Claiming the bridged tokens on the Ethereum network (after 7 days)

After 7 days, visit and connect your MetaMask wallet while on the Ethereum network. Doing so will give users the below screen.

Claiming Tokens on ETH

- Enter the transaction hash (not address) that was generated on Arbiscan. The transaction hash that needs to be entered here is the one that was generated for approving the ‘Bridge’. 

- After entering the transaction hash, click on the ‘Claim’ button. This will prompt a pop-up from MetaMask which users need to confirm in order to complete the process. After confirming the transaction on MetaMask, the tokens (POND or MPond) will reflect in the address mentioned in the ‘To’ column (in Step 2). This can be verified by visiting Etherscan and entering your address or checking your balance on MetaMask.

- If users try to claim the bridged tokens before 7 days, the below error will be shown.

7 days pending
  • If users enter the incorrect transaction hash, the below error will be shown.
Incorrect L2 Txn Hash

That’s it - you’ve successfully bridged your POND/MPond tokens from Arbitrum to Ethereum. 

Users can add the below contract addresses in MetaMask to see their token balances on the respective network.

POND and MPond contract address on Ethereum: 

POND: 0x57b946008913b82e4df85f501cbaed910e58d26c

MPond: 0x1C77d15857646687005dbbAfFf5873F4495a9731

POND and MPond contract address on Arbitrum: 

POND: 0xdA0a57B710768ae17941a9Fa33f8B720c8bD9ddD

MPond: 0xC606157CdBEb8e0BDB273E40D6Ee96e151083194

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