Introducing marlinctl to simplify node management

Introducing marlinctl to simplify node management

The eggnet has proved to be a great way for the community to learn about Marlin and the same applies to us. We received a large amount of feedback with the most common being how difficult it was to setup nodes, run various components and get the ball rolling. 

In an effort to further ease onboarding, we're happy to introduce marlinctl to vastly simplify the setup process.

  1. It streamlines setup by providing one place to manage all components
  2. It uses pre-built executables eliminating the need to explicitly build them separately anymore
  3. Address concerns in low-resource systems 
  4. Logically groups components, for example, creating a relay will automatically create any dependencies like the abci
  5. You don't even need to know that something called the abci exists
  6. Fully discoverable command tree; --help if you're stuck somewhere
  7. Its self-updating, thus automatically providing any features we add 

Some caveats though:

  1. Since this is still pretty new, expect teething troubles especially if your setup isn't in the happy path currently (Ubuntu 18.04+, amd64 and supervisord).
  2. If you're running any other OS, try it out and let us know if you face any issues with the prebuilt executables.
  3. If you're running on other cpu architectures (somebody was looking to run things on a RPi the other day), try compiling OpenWeaver and reach out to us with your findings. Happy to add support.
  4. If you would like to abandon supervisord and use another backend for managing the programs, let us know what backends you would like to see (systemd is coming soon).

As always, since we might not be able to prioritize something you want, we're always open to community contributions and PRs. And if enough people would find it useful, reach out to us and we might be able to provide dev grants for the same.

We expect to add support for the following  with time (in order of priority):

If you have any ideas on how this can evolve, we're all ears!

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